Email Marketing for the Hotel and Tourism Industry 6 Winning Strategies

Email marketing is a versatile tool that lets anyone acquire new customers and keep their current ones. In the tourism industry, it’s important that email newsletters communicate punctuality and reliability, but they should also stimulate dreams and desires. Use your emails to make your hotel appear charming and irresistible.

Here, you can find six winning email marketing strategies for hotels, with examples of ready-to-use hospitality newsletters.


1. Give your subscribers a warm welcome

To engage your customers, send a welcome email to your new subscribers.
Statistics show that subscribers who receive welcome emails enjoy 33% more engagement with the brand.

Introduce yourself. Share your values. Show your hotel’s best services. Inform potential customers of possible discounts and events, and above all, make sure that your welcome emails arrive immediately in new members’ inboxes. It’s better to make hay while the sun shines so take advantage of your users’ interest as soon as they register.

Thank new subscribers for subscribing, and include:

  • Registration confirmation
  • An overview of newsletter types that they’ll receive
  • An indication of the frequency of sending
  • Any welcome offers

Or you can design a series of welcome emails, and divide them by themes and reception times. For example, the first email could go out immediately after signing up include the user’s registration confirmation.

The second email could include your hotel’s introduction: who you are, your history, and your values.

The third email could go out after 24 hours and offer discounts or gifts for the new member.

The fourth email could go out after a week and include your monthly offers.

Remember that a welcome gift is always appreciated. Most users who sign up for your newsletter expect recognition.

Hotel newsletter example – Welcome gift

Hotel newsletter example - Welcome gift

You can find this template inside Emailchef’s “Travel” Section